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  1. interstate commerce or transportation involves crossing state lines, it does not ban intra-state transpotation which is totaly legal. another few things you fail to consider... Growers- how much profit will they lose if they are taxed and inspected. Transporters- they currently get HUGE sums to take this stuff to other states/counties/countries and will they continue to do so? how will this tie into the growers who supplied them? and if it is legalized, how many willcontinue to do it "under the radar"? growing illegally to aviod tax penalties and selling on their own...
    plus if the gov't knows ya smoke because you make purchase and pay taxes on these items, what can they tell you employers and how will this affect the job market? are certqain places going to have a stoner-free environment?
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  2. Mr. Beck, thank you for your lesson on inter vs. intra state commerce. I'm well aware of the difference, but I will admit, my arguement was poorly explained in a few areas. So I'll sum it up as good as I can here. I think prop. 19 was a step in the right direction, but it was written by what seems to be people that were totally high while they were writting it.
    -Now, concerning your arguements about growers, transporters and people who want to remain "under the table." The U.S. gov't had to deal with these same problems in the 1930's with alchohol and prohibition. The process would be difficult. But in my opinion, the majority of cannibas users would benefit from government regulation. Realistically, there is no way to completely prevent growers from paying taxes and avoiding inspections. You can see this in just about every business environment on the planet. People sneaking under the radar to save money or turn a bigger profit. But for me, the safety security and reliability that gov't regulation offers to users is worth the effort. Dangerous gangs and drug dealers will lose customers to legitimate dispenaries that can offer a product that is not only legal, but something that consumers can have the piece of mind in knowing that this product is safe to consume.
    -Your point about employers having access to knowledge of your cannibas use is well taken and something I was recently discussing with a friend who argued the same thing. "What if I'm lookin at a political career in 10 years? People will look back and have documented proof that I used marijuana!" he says. My rebuttal? "Psshhh, Obama blazed back in the day! He's the president!"


  3. OK, so I have to say OMG Mackenzie has not seen Clueless? How is that? LOL...great questions Jeremy, although I would still like a more in depth interview about Cali. Girls, I don't live there, but you are right from what you see on TV there has got to be more to it. I think you should look for some girls that were born in CA, and have lived their whole life there, get their opinion on what it is to be a California girl. Great job I enjoy reading about your adventures. Hope your having fun!!