about jeremy

Born and raised near Seattle, Washington.  I've always enjoyed the outdoors.  From camping to hiking, sports to soaking up the sun, its the fresh air that I love!
-After attending and graduating college at The University of New Mexico, I was faced with a decision that I knew would impact each and every day of the rest of my life...Something said, 'go to California' and without much hesitation, I followed that intuition to Los Angeles.  

I set out in the middle of the night from Santa Fe, New Mexico on a 14 hour drive and never looked back...

What am I doing in California?

-I enjoy a healthy conversation.  We possess endless thoughts and opinions, lifetsyles and cultures, and I think that’s what this blog is all about.  I want to document this tiny little corner of the earth called california.  The Golden State is a bubbling cauldron of diversity and culture.  As Americans we can’t deny that for some reason or another, there is a certain awe and splendor over California.   A mecca for creativity and innovation spread about a vast network of proud californian communities. 

-Now, I would like to invite you to follow me as I journey down the southern california coast.  You'll see what I see as I capture sun, sand and people through my lense.  And you'll hear what I hear straight from the lips of all the beautiful people living here in SoCal!  Seriously, everyone that lives here is attractive... I mean, I live here sooooooooooo!

  Thanks for reading!