Thursday, November 24, 2011

RODEO Drive: A Black Friday in SoCal!

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To celebrate one of the most unique days of the holiday season here in America, I decided to take a stroll down one of the most expensive streets known to capitalism....Rodeo [(] Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

Black Friday has always been such a strange part of Thanksgiving weekend.  Die-Hard, and somewhat fannatical shoppers camp out to snag their annual dream deals around the country...but not here...not on Rodeo Dr.
Many of the worlds finest designers line this stretch of California road, and I was intrigued by the dynamic of the crazy deal-busting Black Friday meeting the famously lavish street of luxury.

It's interesting how the levels of income vary so widely between the upper, middle and lower classes.  The things we value, desire and covet seem to transform as our net worth grows.

But the underlying compulsion to consume remains a constant.  So no, you won't see the wealthy regulars of Rodeo Dr. layered in fleece and blankets outside Versace on Thursday night.  But it doesn't mean you won't find the spirit of Black Friday in the air around here!

Enjoy the full Album here, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Goodluck to all you Black Friday patrons!  Don't get trampled outside a wallie world :)



'oh hunny, these bags are just so heavy!'  '.......c'mon dear'

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