Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Streets of LA: Final Edition

Hello, and welcome to another aesthetically pleasing post from Germy-in-SoCal!  Among the many things I've checked off of my to-do list this Summer like............

-Investigating the uniqueness of California Beach Communities through  -My Beach Tour!

-Capturing the Beauty of SoCal through - j. lee photography

and don't forget...
-Interviewing locals for a true SoCal perspective with -Articles and Interviews ........

I have spent the better part of this entire adventurous Summer in SoCal searching the town over for the best view of the breathtaking Skyline of Downtown Los Angeles, The City of Angels.  I'm happy to say, that after months of hiking, scanning and scanning annnnnnd scanning again, I've finally found my gem  :)

Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you my personal and painstakingly sought after, best views of Downtown LA...

Due to the amount of time I invested in locating my gem, I remained posted up here for the entire day, camera and tripod by my side, to capture my shots of the skyline... Morning, Afternoon and Night!

Being that its so near the end of Summer, you can imagine my elation to have finally stumbled upon this view and the photo that I've wanted for so long!

Enjoy the photo's!  And view the Full Album here: j. lee photography.  Also, take a peek at jeremyleePhoto.com for more photo fun  :)

Fall will be here before we know it, and although its basically summer year round here in SoCal, that feeling of Summer Ecstasy is winding down...Stay tuned for the last few posts here on Germy-in-SoCal and the conclusion of my 2011 Summer Beach Tour  :)

Thanks for reading!


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