Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finding yourself in San Buenaventura, California!

View from Ventura Pier

I have spent the last few weekends of my 2011 SoCal Beach Tour travelling south of Los Angeles.  Exploring and relaxing at some of the most well known beaches in the World.  Long Beach, Huntington beach, San Diego, Newport Beach.  Huntington and Newport x3...each!  It was time to head north up California's famous Highway 101.

A stunningly beautiful drive met me as I departed the urban jungle that is the City of Angels.  Coming from the gridlocked streets of LA traffic and its endless sea of metal, rubber and cement into the lush greenery of the Pacific Coast is indescribable.  So I'll let the photo's do what my words fail to capture.

Ventura is one of California's original surfing towns after the sport was brought over from the Hawaiian Islands in the early 1900's.  I saw about a dozen longboard surfers out on my stroll past the pier.  They were out past 'C' Street (California Street) which is where the best waves break.  

San Buenaventura was a relaxing day of SoCal sun, a nice simple stroll along its all too Pacific sand, and a reminder that the beaches of California are as diverse as the people that call this Land of The Endless Summer their home.  

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Only a few short weeks remain here on Germy-in-SoCal, stay tuned for the last few stops on the tour  :)

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Monday, August 8, 2011

The U.S. Open of Surfing 2011! Huntington Beach, CA

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U.S. Open of Surfing 2011

Summer Halftime is over and I hit my favorite 10 miles of coast I've had the pleasure of exploring during my time here in California.  Huntington and Newport Beaches have run away with my heart the past few months and I can see why they are such World Famous locations.  I run into people from all across the globe during the many days I spend here, all trying to soak up the SoCal Sun and relax with that easy flow that is California!

During a routine Saturday trip to Newport Beach (about 10 miles south of Huntington Beach) I was cruising down Pacific Coast Highway (PHC) and passed by a massive crowd of people in the streets and spilling over onto the beaches.  It was then that I noticed the grandstands and posters everywhere "U.S. Open of Surfing 2011"  I was about to make an immediate change in plans, save Newport for another day, and hit this once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the greatest surfers, skaters and bmx'ers compete for their paychecks!

U.S. Open of Surfing 2011
Unfortunately parking was a complete joke!  It was Saturday around 2pm and I guestimated to actually find parking within 5 miles I would have needed to show up around 10am.  Luckily, the competition continued thru Sunday, when the finals for each event were to be held!  I continued onto Newport for the day and promised a return to Huntington for The U.S. Open of Surfing on Sunday.  Let these photo's be proof enough that yes, indeed I woke up at 7am, rolled out of my studio in downtown LA and managed to find parking beachside at Huntington at 10am Sunday Morning!  The place was packed!  People crowded every inch of the beach surrounding the competitions.  The theme for the day was, "you better not be wearin a shirt and you definitely better not be wearin shoe's you shoebbie!".

Hangin' 10!
The competitors satisfied their on-lookers and put on quite a show.  I was able to grab some spectacular shots of some of the worlds best surfers, as well as the worlds best longboard surfers.  Both incredible!  I learned that ""hangin' 10" is when a surfer positions the back of their board under the wave behind them, making it so they are able to walk about the rest of the board freely and hang all 10 toes over the front of their board!  This is a specialty of the longboarders.  
Yes!  Hangin' 10 backwards!
Some famous faces that made an appearance at this years U.S. Open of Surfing you ask?  Tony Hawk, world famous Skateboarder and Kelly Slater, a 10 time World Surfing Champion!  I got to see both performing their arts, Tony Skating and Kelly Surfing.  It was an incredible experience to see the guys you grew up watching on ESPN right in front of you, but hey, that's just another day in SoCal to everyone here!

tony hawk
tony hawk
kelly slater
kelly slater

This was an experience I will remember the rest of my days.  The sun...the sand...the smiles...the amazing professional athletes...and of-coarse those beautiful california girls...the entire day was surreal and I hope to come back again next year, even more prepared with some good friends and an ice cold cooler.

Check out the FULL ALBUM here at the j. lee photography tab.  Interesting in Purchasing Prints from this album? check out my all new jeremyleephoto.com and click on Purshase Your Photo's! 

I think it's just about time to head north on PCH for my next beach destination...Santa Barbara area perhaps?  Any suggestions???????  My Beach Tour!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oceanside Beach in The OC for some Halftime R&R!

Summer 2011!  A fantastical dream come to life as I savor each and every moment I have here on the beaches of Sunny SoCal.  Doing the math, you may have noticed the 12 weeks of California Dreamin' are halfway over...To celebrate I accepted an invitation to join friends and acquired family in their annual trip to a campground near Oceanside, California.  3 days of Rest & Relaxation on our beachfront campground  :)  Food, alcohol and the luscious escape of California's beautifully tropical greens!  

To spend this time with my lifelong best friend Ryan was truly a gift from above.  
We spent our time laughing, eating, drinking and getting into all types of mischief (in that order!).

  As the sun broke through the morning clouds of the Cali Coast, we grabbed our boogie boards and hit the waves!  Located just miles south of Huntington Beach, CA aka Surf City, USA... let's just say the waves were more than satisfactory!  
Tired from conquering the massive waves we took our leave from the water.  Walking 20 ft. to our beach chairs we spent a hefty portion of our time neck twisting.  California Girls never fail to amaze and impress.  The Bikini's patrolling the sand made this trip one to remember!

3 days away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles was a much needed break.  I road a bike (with pedals!) for the first time in years!  (Hey, gimme a break, I'm a runner).  I even finished my latest Huxley novel Island  :) Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my Summer 2011 Halftime Break!  Stay tuned for the next 6 weeks here on Germy-in-SoCal, they will be 6 weeks to remember!


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