Friday, June 3, 2011

Huntington Beach 4th of July Celebrations!

Hello and happy Friday!  It's time for another fascinating post from Germy-in-SoCal!  The previous few weeks I gave all my readers the opportunity to VOTE on my next beach destination!  Well people, the votes are in and the choice is clear, HUNTINGTON BEACH will be the next hotspot for Germy-in-SoCal!  I will be swinging by the 4th of July Parade at Huntington Beach.  The festivities include:

-A parade down California's Pacific Coast Highway



-A Pier Expo


where a full crowd enjoys a fair type atmosphere with hot dogs, burgers, beer, chicken wings and all the other fair classics (scones too I hope!  when is the Puyallup?!)  The Huntington Beach pier offers spectators spectacular views of the Parade happening down PCH as well as...............................

**********The FAMOUS Huntington Beach 4th of July Fireworks Display! ************


-The day will be filled with fun in the sun SoCal style and I will be hitting up locals for interviews!  I have a few weeks to prepare my questions and I'd love to act as your Personal Journalist and Report LIVE on Location, just for YOU!!!  Just head on over to my    Ask Me Anything!  I Love Questions!!!!      page to submit your questions! 


-I have already recieved one request from friend Devin Meluso asking that I visit the Burial Site of Brad Nowell deceased former lead singer of Sublime.  I'll do my best Dev!
-Another request I have received is to make a stop by the Surfing Hall of Fame located in Huntington Beach, CA  (AKA Surf City!)

I am excited as I could possibly be for this event!  I want to share it with anyone not lucky enough to attend and put you right in the middle of the celebrations!  Photos will be plentiful, and I look forward to your questions submissions everyone! 


Thanks for readin!


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