Saturday, June 11, 2011

Downtown Streets of Los Angeles

My passion for photography has (if possible) grown ten-fold since my decision to move in dtla.  My Canon Rebel XS is with me 24/7 and I never miss an opportunity to capture the beauty of my community.  As I stroll these streets for the many things I search for daily  - WiFi - something new and unique to eat - a post office - a new park to relax and sun bathe in...

-I run into all the Aesthetics that downtown LA has to offer, and let me tell you;  This City has ALOT of Aesthetics to offer, even to the un-trained eye.  Skyscrapers, Murals, Plazas and so much more make up this Urban Jungle I call home.  I hope to share with you, the beauty and joy that these streets offer to me every single day!

Check out the ENTIRE ALBUM here!  Streets of LA:  2nd Edition
j. lee photography

 much love to my pf flyers for hoofing it with me all around town  :)

4th of July at HUNTINGTON BEACH, California is only a few weeks away!  

-What would you like me to interview the locals about?
-Are you familiar with the Area?  Where do I HAVE to go while at Huntington Beach?!
-Just how many photos is TOO MANY when it comes to beach hunnies?!

ANYTHING you want to share or ask me about my next BEACH DESITNATION?  Visit My Beach Tour!

Thanks for reading!


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