Friday, May 27, 2011

California's Beautiful Pacific Coast Highway

Last week I was offered a paid trip to Portland, Oregon for work.  My only payment?  Driving responsibilities up California's beautifully famous Pacific Coast Highway.  PCH runs up the length of Cali's 1,000+ miles of coast, and although my chronicles here are based around SoCal, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to grab some photos of some NorCal beaches for my readers!
The entire album will be available soon, but this weekend Germy-in-SoCal becomes Germy-in-Vegas for my 24th birthday bash!  Enjoy the greatest day on the calendar, May 28th, and if your ambitious enough to be up at 6:14am give a little thank you to my Mother!  24 years ago to that minute she brought baby germy into the world, love you mom!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Peace and Love: Thanks for lookin out!

This is a little look into my world.  I have no internet access at my downtown apt.  But the good thing about it is that it forces me to wander the Streets of DTLA in search of free wifi.  Well this morning I was feelin wealthy, so I decided to make a legitmate purchase at The Starbucks on 6th and Grand.  I was plannin on just coffee, but then got to the front of the line and saw this blueberry scone and well...Anyway!  I got my coffee, and burrowed into my office for the day.  There is actually a little desk here that faces out towards the window, its one of the best "offices" I've found in my 2 weeks of wifi hunting!

After settling into my office for some work, an older man of about 55, waiting for his coffee approached me and with a wide smile on his face said, "hey man, you sure you wanna be flashing all that stuff on the table downtown?!"  I thought about it for a second and replied laughing, "no man, I'm ok with it!"  He told me that he understands downtown is better now than it was in the past, but that if it was him he wouldn't be tempting people lookin in from the outside window with all my gadgets spread out in plain view.  He said, "even I'm tempted by all the cool little things you got here!"  (and this man was dressed in a suit, lookin like he was rather succesful at whatever he does)  He also told me, "well maybe its not such a big deal for you, you look like you could catch anyone tryin to take your stuff!"  I laughed and replied, "yea I keep my runnin shoes on when I'm downtown haha!" (more PF FLYER love!)  I told  him thanks for lookin out, and honestly appreciated his concern.  After he left I thought about his warning and decided; I want to be able to live without fear in my own community.  There are some characters that roam these streets, so no, I won't be out here at 2am with my netbook, camera and everything else people might covet, but during business hours on a beautiful Los Angeles day?  I'll take my chances  :)    Anyway, thanks random old man, Peace and Love:  Thanks for Lookin Out!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

LA I Love You! Broadway Bar Edition

After waking from a saturday's mid-day nap at about 7pm, somethin inside of me was telling me to go out.  Go out and leave the stresses from the week behind.  Thinking back now, I realize that the mid-day nap was just step one of my sub-conciouss decision to hit the town that night!  A friend had told me about Broadway Bar a few weekends ago so I decied to head in that direction.---

I stumbled upon this sexy monster of a Ducati right outside Broadway Bar.  It was impossible to miss!  The Sunny days of Southern California can definitely pull at my deepest desires to purchase another bike!  And have you seen motorcycles on the Streets of California?  Its completely legal to weave in-and-out of traffic and split between cars along the white stripes on the road.  Is it worth the danger riders face to have no idea what it means to be gridlocked in LA traffic?  It sure seems like it as they wizzzzzzz past all of us drivers who are stuck!!

Anyway, back to the Ducati!  Well I used to have a street-fighter just like it!  Annnnnnd I was watchin Tron: Legacy the other night, (watch it!) and there's a Ducati in that movie parked juuuuust like this one, lookin good!  After snappin my photos, I got inside Broadway, had a few drinks and just mingled around.  My interest for the Ducati led me to go out on a limb and question one of the bartenders about its owner.  The bartenders name was Sean, and his first response was, "I dont know, why?"  I explained to him (a little intoxicatedly) that I found that model of Ducati particularly sexy and would be interested in interviewing the owner for my blog!  To my surprise he said, "yea its my bike, but I don't like to tell people its mine."  Shocked, I thought to myself, "I would brag about that bike all day!" 

-I got to Broadway Bar at 11pm and it was jumpin!  People crowding around both dance floors on the 1st and 2nd floor's.  I grabbed a rum and coke for $7 and that in-addition to the pregame at the Apt. put me in a great mood to find a partner on the dance floor!  Thanks for the dance Adriana!

-To Sean,  you've got a beautiful bike my friend!  I look forward to getting my weekly saturday night view of it as I will be frequenting Broadway Bar much more often!

If you're ever in LA, check out Broadway Bar  located on Broadway between 8th and 9th DTLA

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Late Night Eats, L.A. Cafe @ 2am!

After finishing up the final touches on my new apartment, I was feeling the need to reward my hard work and tame my empty stomach.  I had been un-packing and arranging furniture for nearly 6 hours straight with nothin but a bottle of water.  My clothes were full of sweat (it was 95 degrees earlier that evening), and I needed a shower.  So with insomnia in full drive, I hopped in the shower at 1:30am, rinsed off and put on some clean garments, and my favorite pair of fresh kicks; some PF FLYERS. I walked out of my now sparkling clean apartment feeling clean and dyin for an early taste of breakfast!  I headed down the famous Spring Street in search of some late night eats. 

L.A. Cafe
Before I even made it out the door I was stopped by two people as I walked down the stairs from the 4th floor.  Each of them had similar stories about their daughter being in labor and that they needed gas to get across town.  I was almost taken by the first person, and thought in the back of my mind (I'll just give her a ride, no big deal), but then my concious slapped me in the face and said "keep walking."  I made it out the door and was almost immedietly met by another person asking for money.  This guy was shaking all over as he explained to me that he was just released from prison and needed money to pay for his wife's recent child birth (man 3 stories all with babies??  people know how to work your damn emotions!).  The "court" papers he was showing me looked like they were 10 years old!  I told him I had no change to spare, which I really didn't, only had my card.....

When I stumbled on to L.A. Cafe and saw the sign reading "breakfast 24 hrs." my search for food was over!  As I made my approach to the counter I noticed out of the corner of my eye an enormous waffle on this girls plate.  Arriving at the front of the line, I found my target on the menu; Belgian Waffle w/ syrup!  I ordered a side of peanut butter along with a glass of milk, a suggestion from the house  :)  and got to grubbing! 

Belgian Waffle w/ Peanut Butter!
 I sat outside to enjoy the warm spring night.  What a mistake that was...the same guy that asked me for change to pay for his wife's recent child birth walked by as I munched down on my waffle.  Mid-taste bud explosion I heard "DAMMIT" and looked up just in-time to meet eyes with him.  Clearly frustrated that I have money to enjoy this huge, delicious belgian waffle with syrup and peanut butter, but none to spare for his wife's healthcare bill, he looked like he wanted to get me alone in the nearby alleyway.  But c'mon, I used my card to pay for the meal, plus, I can't just be giving every bit of spare change I have to every story I hear...I'll go broke!  Needless to say, I was on edge during the walk home, hoping I wouldn't run into him again, and I didn't, but I won't be back to L.A. Cafe @ 2am again anytime soon!  But besides all that, the meal was scrumptous, if you ever get a chance to stop by downtown LA, you gotta get a belgian waffle at L.A. Cafe on Spring Street between 6th and 7th!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

LA I Love You! Angels Knoll Edition

Walking around downtown, you will find yourself running into city gems around almost every corner. Yesterday, the gem I stumbled upon was Angels Knoll located near 4th and Hill. The park was a beautiful coming together of city and country. People were relaxing in the shade, taking refuge from the unusually hot spring day in LA. The views of blooming trees, pink, purple, and green against the gleaming glass windows of downtown skyscrapers; it was beautiful! And there is free wifi to boot!

Look closely and you can see the plaque dedicated to the film (500) Days of Summer on the back of this bench

These photo's along with others taken of downtown can be seen here, or under my j. lee photography tab in The Streets of LA Album!

Angels Knoll is also home to the famous view from the movie (500) Days of Summer. I watched this film a few moths ago and its a great movie. I had no idea the view from the movie was in Los Angeles so imagine my excitment when I stumbled upon the view with my own eyes by acciddent! I look forward to finding more city gems as I continue to explore the streets of DTLA! LA I Love You!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Apartment Downtown LA!

Alright guys!  The move is complete and I've got some quite embarrassing photo's to show, but who doesn't?  And the completion photo's make it all worth it!  I made the move from San Fernando Valley, California to DTLA (downtown los angeles) and I have to say, it's been an interesting past few days.  But let me show off those photo's you're dying to see!
The only good thing was being able to take breaks on that damn chair.
This was my bed for 2 nights.  Thanks for the quilt grandma!

And viola!  Like magic (except it was painful labor) the Apt. is complete!
East View from my Window


5th Street

 With all the art, culture and characters that make up this community, I can already tell its going to be an adventure living downtown!  I know I've been slacking on posts latley, but the next week will be filled with much more details behind my adventures of the past few days, because it gets much more interesting than just the un-packing of my new apartment, ohh yes!  Much more interesting!  Stay tuned!